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We provide online relocation without the fuss.

RelocateYourself offers clients 24/7 access to smart, simple, cost effective relocation services provided online by our global network of local professional consultants. Corporate employees are matched with a qualified consultant - ReloAngel - local to their destination who support them throughout and beyond their relocation process. Our clients communicate - send/receive e-mail, conduct video calls, upload documents - with their ReloAngel via our password protected internal IT system. Our ethos is built around a strong online offering, that puts the person moving in the centre of the process. A new standard for the relocation industry: Self directed online relocation Able to answer the myriad of challenges and questions arising once the move has taken place. RelocateYourself prides itself on its global network of relocation professionals working in the field, our professional ReloAngels! We have been working mainly online for some years with success. Leading the market with a one assignee one ReloAngel delivering “everything relocation locally” from pre-departure questions to moving on. Understanding the need for a flexible Mobility product that is at the centre of a life changing moment. Working with HR and Mobility Managers who want a more flexible mobility product for the relocation process. Where the key value is the one-to-one continuous relationship between Client and ReloAngel is paramount. Now is the time to re-think relocation.

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