Michele Bar-Pereg:   Founder & President

Michele is an entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the relocation industry. In 1984 Michele founded a relocation company which grew throughout Europe. Over the years she has worked with major corporations on HR policy advice, group moves, spouse and dual career issues, relocation of children, education and more, while also serving as vice President and twice President of the European Relocation Association (EuRA).  She has won numerous awards within the relocation industry and continuous to offer creativity and change for those who relocate or those who manage mobility.

James Moss:              CEO

James is an expert in global relocation and has been a business leader in the sector for over 20 years. The founder of Curzon Relocation, an award winning European and International Corporate Relocation company (sold in 2013), James is highly experienced in working with corporate and consumer clients in relocation and other related areas including in real estate and finance. Working hand in glove with Michele Bar-Pereg, James is responsible for the leadership of the Executive Team, business and development strategy of the company and implementation (including finance, operations, technology, sales and marketing) across the Relocate Yourself business and customer platform.

Robert van den Bout:                       Head of Digital & Marketing

Robert is Relocate Yourselfs specialist marketing, digital and strategy professional. Robert has many business successes and achievements already to his credit including OrangeCoach (Founder) the premiere online employment solution for the international tennis coaches (30,000 members) and the highly successful “Multiply Happiness” (co-Founder) Mobile HR Application (app) to enhance happiness at work. Robert is a member of the Executive Team and a founding shareholder, working beside Michele Bar-Pereg and James Moss in developing and executing the technology, business and marketing strategy of the company.

Assaf Eitan                 Product Manager 

Assaf Eitan leads a team of IT professionals developing the RelocateYourselfs concept bringing it to a wide range of both Client Users and Relocation Experts. With his 6 years working with Michele Bar-Pereg in traditional relocation, he has an extensive in-depth knowledge of customer client challenges and requirements and how to bring the Relocate Yourself product and platform online. He supports, develops and works with all RelocateYourself departments to improve the flow and ease of use of our platform and systems architecture.

Niek de Feijter           Support Leader

Niek is in charge of the Demo’s and Training with practical support for potential and existing Relocation Angels. Niek is super organized and efficient and fully committed to providing optimal practical help and advice service at the RelocateYourself support desk.

Sharon Reher                         Rewards/Compensation & Mobility Policy Consultant

Sharon brings her extensive corporate knowledge and experience of the financial side of planning a relocation, to our team.  She is well able to advise HR on putting our online packages together.  Offering creative design of bespoke packages & solutions, especially where there are multi-countries and varied budgets to manage. Her speciality is assisting Organisations and Assignees who predominantly use or receive Cash Lump Sum as the relocation benefit, to obtain the most value from this solution. She provides a framework to ensure both a wise use of ‘the spend’ for the Assignee, whilst maintaining the appropriate duty of care desired by the Organisation.