$5.00 (Per Star Unit)

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*Services are provided to you by your Relocation Expert (ReloAngel). These are delivered in units of time called “Stars.” 1 Star = 5 minutes. Stars are purchased at the online Star Shop. Each ReloAngel has their own Star rate based on their local country cost of living, their experience and the services they are providing.

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Star pricing

How many stars do you need? Each service has a pricing indication in Stars. The number of Stars a customer needs for a service is based on the time it takes to deliver each service locally in each country by your ReloAngel expert. Time is calculated on an hourly basis and is measured in 5 minutes units of time. Each hour is split in to 12 time units of 5 minutes each (60 minutes / 5 minutes = 12 units in an hour). Different countries have different local rates depending on the local cost of delivering the services required. Different ReloAngels experts will charge different rates depending on their location, their level of expertise and on the services required.

Global Star Pricing

1 Star = 5 minutes of Relocation Service

12 stars = 1 hour of Relocation Service

Get a Specific Local Quote

Your local ReloAngel will help you work out what you will need for your relocation and the number of Stars required in your destination country. Sign up and you will be connected to your ReloAngel.