Our Mission

To provide direct access to smart online relocation support for anyone moving anywhere on any budget.

Our Vision

Self-directed online relocation facilitated by affordable local support.

Relocation Angels

Relocation Angels are at the heart of the services we deliver to our users.  Our skilled community of local and international relocation specialists are carefully selected and trained to deliver the highest quality professional services to our customers. All of our Angels are local to their assigned area. Each ReloAngel has extensive personal networks and resources they can call upon to provide useful and accurate information to our customers and community of users. With their combined individual and collective expertise and knowledge base, RelocateYourselfs “global community” of ReloAngel specialists is unique.

Who is behind Relocate Yourself?

RelocateYourself is the vision of Michele Bar Pereg (Founder & President). Michele has over 30 years of leadership and hands-on experience in delivering the highest quality professional global relocation services.  RelocateYourself’s expert management team comprises some of the most experienced and successful individuals from the world of Relocation, Human Resources and Systems Development.